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Master Keying Software

MasterkeyPro 7.1 Professional Edition


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MasterkeyPro is the most popular selling software, used by thousands of lock professionals and manufacturers worldwide, since 1990. It's available for instant download so you can get started right away.

When you purchase MasterkeyPro you'll not only get my amazing software but you'll get my 37+ years experience as a locksmith to help answer any questions you might have along the way. Free product support for as long as you need it, not just a few months or a year.

A windows based program that runs on all versions of Windows from XP to Win10 and up.

Includes "Interchangeable Cores" and "Easy Cross Keying" at NO extra cost to you! MasterkeyPro is all you'll need to design, create and maintain your master key systems. Simply enter your master key to generate all the possible change keys and sub masters along with all the pinning charts in a flash, taking the guess work out of the process.

* Clean simple user design
* Quick and easy customization
* Standard systems, High Security and ICC
* Easy Cross Keying and so much more
* Use it on 3 computer for the same location
* Priced right.


Some of the features you're sure to be interested in

  • Create standard progression systems
  • Create rotating constant systems
  • Create interchangeable core systems
  • Backup feature makes it easy to stay backed up
  • Easy cross keying
  • Recreate virtually any existing master keying system
  • Pinning reports, master key reports and more
  • Eliminate change keys that use a #1 master pin
Easy Customization
  • Customize your key bitting array and rotation order
  • Custom key ID creator
  • Preset buttons to easily customize your systems
  • Copy and paste, open in excel, save custom reports
  • Several online videos to give you a fast start
  • License is good for up to 3 computers for your shop
  • Complete offline help file
  • Fully Supported by a Professional Locksmith with over 37 years experience


With great software

you'll work faster and

feel more confident

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