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Create-A-Card 4.1 is your newest version for today's computers

Used to create professional looking Code Cards for your HPC type code machines right on your own computer.

Code Card Making Software

Create-A-Card 4.1


No more waiting for costly cards to come out. No more buying duplicate cards for service vans or additional shops.

Enter the depth and space information and any notes you may want, save it then print as many as you like.

Print your cards on plain paper or card stock.

When you print your cards on "card stock" paper then laminate them, they'll last for years. They won't warp, buckle, or crack like the plastic ones do when exposed to hot and cold service van conditions.

When cards are laminated they never get that "dirty finger" build up on them. They wipe of much easer and even better than the plastic ones and you don't need to worry about scrubbing off the ink.


Some of the features you might be interested in

  • Enter Depths, Spaces, and any Widening
  • Enter Card Title, Cutter and Jaw Type
  • Choose from Jaw Bottom or Jaw Face
  • Choose your Tip Stop, Red, Black or none
  • List Code Series and Key Blanks on the card
  • Enter Notes in Top Section and two Bottom Corners
  • Print more information on the back of your cards
  • A Browse View to Help find your Cards fast
  • A Calibration feature
  • A Micrometer Overlay
  • Add color to your lines, numbers text and more
  • Use my new Auto-Fill feature to quickly enter depths and spaces