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MasterkeyPro 8.0 is the perfect choice for all your master keying projects.

Taking the guess work out of Master Keying for professionals and beginners alike since 1990.

Master Keying Software

MasterkeyPro 8.0 Professional

MasterkeyPro™ 8.0

Presenting MasterkeyPro 8.0 - Unveiling a More User-Friendly Experience and Exciting New Features, Including the Cross Key Designer and more.

Our latest version, MasterkeyPro 8.0, is designed to make your experience smoother and more straightforward than ever before. With major upgrades and improvements, this version ensures enhanced stability and a streamlined workflow.

Version 8 Features:
  • ✔ Auto Updates
  • ✔ Cross Key Designer
  • ✔ Import Existing Systems from (csv)
  • ✔ Customize KBA & Rotation Order
  • ✔ Print Reports or export to PDF, Excel or Word
  • ✔ 4, 5, 6 & 7 Pin systems
  • ✔ Customize Key ID
  • ✔ SFIC, and several more
  • ✔ Fully Supported by me
Cross Key Designer

Explore our new feature that empowers you to design cross keys visually and effortlessly.


MasterkeyPro 8.0 supports standard 4, 5, 6 & 7 pin locks, as well as Interchangeable Cores, including popular options like Schlage, SFIC, and several more. It seamlessly works with all major lock brands.

Global Usage

Trusted by thousands of lock professionals worldwide since 1990, MasterkeyPro has been a leading master keying software for over 34 years. Benefit from the expertise of a real locksmith.

Real Locksmith Support

Backed by real locksmiths, my software is designed to cater to the practical needs of professionals in the field. And I'll show you how you can make a lot of money master keying.

Proven Experience

With over three decades of experience, MasterkeyPro has consistently delivered excellent master keying software solutions.

Efficiency Over Complexity

While other programs may overload you with unnecessary options, I focus on simplifying your tasks. Why make your job harder than it needs to be? My software automates tasks intelligently, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

With a background in programming before transitioning to locksmithing, master keying software was a natural step. Drawing on all my years of running a locksmith shop in a major city, I've developed MasterkeyPro to cater to the specific needs of locksmiths. Having owned Medeco and ASSA keyways, the software is tailored for every locksmith.

In a nutshell, MasterkeyPro is designed for locksmiths, by a locksmith. Upgrade to an intuitive and efficient master keying experience today.


We understand that master keying software may not be used daily. MasterkeyPro 8.0 is crafted to be both simple enough for quick use and powerful enough to handle complex tasks when needed.