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MasterkeyPro 8.0 is the perfect choice for all your master keying projects.

Taking the guess work out of Master Keying for professionals and beginners alike since 1990.

How to make Money

Lots of Money Master Keying

MasterkeyPro™ 8.0

On this page I'm going to tell you how you can make a lot of money master keying locks.

Every job you get as a locksmith to rekey a business is a possible master key job, don't be afraid to sell it.

To make this profitable a few things need to happen. You need to be able to work fast and without error to avoid unwanted call backs. You'll need to keep good records of your projects for future use.

My software is the perfect choice.

Build and Retain Customers

In my 40 plus years of experience I was able to handle every Master key job that came through the door. It's one of the easiest things to sell and one of the best ways to retain customers. And I'm going to tell you how you can do the same.

One of My Last Jobs

Was someone that used me on another master key job. They bought a building and needed the exterior rekeyed after taking possession. When I got there it was divided up into 4 units to be rented to 4 tenants, warehouse and shop type units.

He said he wanted each unit keyed differently and a Master key for all units, job sold before I got there. I told him I have a $50 setup fee to set it up but that way when a new tenant moves in I can keep theirs on his master key.

Sometimes you'll find it's so easy to do systems you might be tempted to do the chart for free but just remember you must keep track of your work for as long as they are there.

So I jumped in my van and opened MasterkeyPro on my laptop and with a few key strokes and just minutes I had made $50 and had pinning charts so I could work fast and efficient.

Now when he rents a unit he's going to insist they call me to key their locks. That means I'll do their deadbolt installations safe work and more. I have a new customer and I'll get 3 more from that one job.

Another Common Example

I go out to a job and they have several offices they want keyed, so I ask "Do you want a master key" and the customer says sure, job sold. Now as you walk through the job you see they have a conference room so you offer to "cross key" it to the offices that need access. They are amazed you can do that. But all you need to do is choose the ones you want to open the conference room and click pinning to get the pinning for the door. These are the jobs that will make you money and help you build and retain your customers.

Systems on The Fly

Most systems can be created on the job site while other my require more planning.

Lets not forget Apartments & Churches.


Here's how it works

Putting it together

All avalible groups in this 5 pin system about 834 Change Keys

The Planning

One of the key features is the ability to easily create fast and complete master key systems.

You'll notice with my software that you do not need to answer questions like how many chambers, how many sub masters do you want and how many change keys. That seems backwards to me.

I'll use my last job as an example. I don't know how many sub master or change key I might need for tenants that aren't even tenants yet. I created a 5 pin Schlage system and keyed all units to the "AA" group, AA 1, AA 2, etc. now when he rents a unit I'll move them to a different group.

This type of building does not require many sub masters or change keys and I have over 50 for most groups so I'll have plenty to use.

Let's say he rents a unit so they call me to rekey it, I could move them to the "BA" group, key some offices and shop area then give them the "BA" master to go with it.

Office Building

Now let's say you're doing an office building that needs over 60 locks for one area. The most we have for any one group is 58 so you'll need to use two groups.

You may notice the "A" group only has three groups in it, this is because the MACS has eliminated the unusable ones.

In this case I would use the "A" group AA, AB if you look at the "A" master key it shows 174 usable change keys and that's plenty.

Let's say they have another department and they want another sub master you could use the "AC" group and master key.

Pick and Choose

By having the entire system created and in front of you, you can pick and choose the parts you want to use. This way you won't need go back to your computer and ask for more sub masters and change keys when they need to expand.

By not requiring users to predetermine all the details, my software allows locksmiths and security professionals to easily adapt and modify the system as needed, providing a more user-friendly and practical solution. This approach aligns with the idea that the software should facilitate the locksmith's workflow rather than complicate it with unnecessary questions and steps.

"A" Group only for this 6 pin system 781 Change Keys

Compair the size and groups you'll have with a 6 pin system