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Create-A-Card 4.0 is your newest version for today's computers

Used to create professional looking Code Cards for your HPC type code machines right on your own computer.

Create-a-Card 4.0 Only $99.00

Download Code Cards

For Create-A-Card 4.0


Download Code Cards for Create-A-Card

To see a list of the cards in this download Click here. To start your Free download Click here.


Download and copy this file to the KeySoft Security Software folder in your My Documents folder. (or any another place of your choosing).

Click on the file and extract all files. It will prompt you to extract all files to the "KeySoft Security Software/code cards" folder. Choose extract.

Now open Create-A-Card and choose options from the toolbar at the top. Under Working Folder choose Browse to Folder. Navigate your way to the folder you just extracted the code cards to and choose OK then click Save and Close.

Now when you click the Browse Cards button you should see a list of code cards to choose from.

Note: If you do not see the Browse Cards button Click the Hide Browse button first then the Browse Cards button.

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Create-A-Card $99.00