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MasterkeyPro 8.0 Express

We specialize in Master Keying Software for Locksmiths

MasterkeyPro 8.0 Express

With major upgrades and improvements to provide even more stability and a smoother workflow. This version will do all your standard 4, 5 and 6 pin locks and the most common Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC)

This version is very easy to use and has some newer features including my new Corss Key Designer. Comes with full product support to help you get the most out of the software, MasterkeyPro comes with several online videos to guide you through its many features. Don't spend any more time struggling with complex master key systems - try MasterkeyPro today!

Creating your Systems

This is the General Information tab. Choosing a lock from the Lock Manufacturer list will automatically enter all the lock information for you, use it as is or customize the settings as you go. The lock list is fully customizable, and you can add new locks to it at anytime.

Watch the video for a closer look...


The Customize window gives you complete conrtol to customize your Key Bitting Array and Rotation Order. Preset buttons let you quickly create custom systems using some of the best settings. You can also manually control custom settings allowing you to recreate virtually any existing system.

Don't like using #1 master pins with your 1 step systems? Simply choose to have all change keys that use #1 master pins are eliminated.

Pinning Report

Pinning Reports

The reports are what takes the confusion out of master keying and can save you many hours of frustration. Pinning Charts show you how to cut the key and how to label it. What bottom pins and master pins to put in each chamber and a place for a description. Interchangeable Core (ICC's) reports also show control and driver pins.

Master Key Reports

MasterkeyPro by default will eliminate all the unusable Change Keys. These are keys that violate the MACS you have set. That's why the Master Key Reports are great for planning your jobs showing you how many Masters, Sub Masters and Change Keys you have to work with. For example, in this simple 5 pin system the A master has 123 usable Change Keys. Look below that and you'll see they are in 4 groups AA, AB, AC & AD.

With the option to add more Master Keys to your system you can get up to 6 levels with a 6 pin system.

Cross Key Designer

New! The Cross Key Designer is new to MasterkeyPro 8 it's a much faster and easer way to cross the keys you want crossed. Click the checkbox for the keys you want crossed then click Cross Now or you can check the Auto Update checkbox to cross and update as you go. Watch the video.

Custom Key ID

Shorten your Key ID. This option will change any key ID that starts with an "A" to "A" only. And any key that starts with "B" to "B" only and so on. So "AAA" or "AA" becomes "A" only.

This option can save you a lot of time when it comes to stamping your keys.

Compare Versions and Features


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Light 8.0

4 and 5 Pin Systems Only

No ICC suport

Cross Keying

Customize KBA

Custom Key ID Creator

Express 8.0

4, 5 and 6 Pin Systems

SFIC Small Format Interchangeable Core

Cross Key Designer

Customize KBA

Custom Key ID Creator

Professional 7.1

4, 5, 6 & 7 Pin Systems

Several Interchangeable Core

Cross Keying

Customize KBA

Custom Key ID Creator

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