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Choose a 5 or 6 pin, master key and let MasterkeyWeb calculate your system in seconds. It will calculate your sub masters and all the bottom and master pins for you.
Cross Keying (Free)
Will calculate all the bottom pins and master pins needed to cross key  3, 4 or 5 keys to the same lock.
Standard Pinning (Free)
Will calculate all the bottom pins and master pins needed to key two keys to the same lock, like a Master Key and a Change Key.
Best ICC Pining (Free)
Will calculate all the bottom pins, master pins, control pins and driver pins needed to key the A2 ICC format.

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MasterkeyPro gives you the biggest bang for your buck by including many features others charge hundreds more for. It's so simple to use and understand that with little or no master keying experience at all you'll be able to create large complex systems or simple ones.

Master key virtually any type of lock imaginable, all standard locks including most IC Cores, and High Security locks are fully supported.

From Standard Progressions to Rotating Constant systems MasterkeyPro has you covered. With MasterkeyPro you'll be much more productive. Learn more

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