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1. Disclaimer

1.1 MasterkeyPro Web
The Web Apps on this site are provided "AS IS" Without warranty of any kind including implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. KeySoft specifically does not warrant that the operation of the software will be liable for any direct; indirect; consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this program. Users wave all claims against KeySoft and its owners.

KeySoft is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site
(including indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, loss of revenue, or opportunity)

1.2 While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this Web site is correct, complete, and up-to-date. KeySoft does not guarantee that the content will always be free from errors.

2. Access

2.1 While we'll make every effort to keep the site running as smooth as possible KeySoft cannot be liable for any down time you may experience caused by, but not limited to our hosting provider.

2.2 You agree you will not tamper with or try to gain access in any unconventional way to any part of this site (trying to hack into this site). Violators may be blocked from the site without refund if we feel you're abusing this site.

2.3 You agree that you will not share your membership or login information with anyone. It's for you.

2.4 "MasterkeyPro Web" is a web based application. You agree that you must provide your own internet access at your own expense.

2.5 "MasterkeyPro Web" can be accessed by most any browser on most any device but we cannot guarantee that you will have all options on every device and or browser ever made. 

3. Payments

3.1 Your subscription is for 12 months and is non-refundable. You can cancel at anytime but your subscription will remain active until the end of the current payment cycle unless your account get blocked in accordance with clause 2.2.

3.2 Payments made through the PayPal Subscription button will be auto renewed each year unless you cancel your service from your PayPal account 30 days prior to the renewal date and/or in accordance with current PayPal policies.

3.3 Unless you choose the PayPal Subscription payment method above. KeySoft will attempt to notify you by email approximately 30 days prior to your expiration date reminding you to renew your subscription. You can renew or cancel at this time.

4. Copyright

4.1 All software, textual content, graphical material and video clips provided on this site are the property of KeySoft Security Software and are protected by all copyright laws.

5. Privacy

 5.1 We will never sale or share in any way the information we collect from you.

5.2 We do record you IP address when you login to your site. We also monitor the site activity for abuse.

5.3 We do use cookies and sessions to maintain this subscription site.   

6. Trademark

6.1 "MasterkeyPro Web" is a trademark of KeySoft Security Software

7. Notification of changes

7.1 The information contained in this document is subject to change at anytime and without notice to you.


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